Familiar faces at the German Film Awards 2020

SYSTEMSPRENGER producer Peter Hartwig in Q&A with Leonie Barta at HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT

On April 24th the 70th presentation of the German Film Awards took place. Edin Hasanovic led wonderfully through a grandly staged live show, which is unparalleled in these times.
Many well-known HEIMSPIEL faces were to be seen: Among the laudators were our former guests Iris Berben (HS 10) and Academy President Ulrich Matthes (HS 6).
Nominated, but unfortunately came away empty-handed were the documentaries Schlingensief: A Voice That Shook the Silence by Bettina Böhler (HS 8), Undine by Christian Petzold (HS 1, 4 and 10) with Franz Rogowski (HS 6 and 7) and the HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT films Heimat is a Space in Time, filmed by Stefan Neuberger (HiT) and Pelican Blood (HiT).
The absolute winner of the evening was HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT-Film System Crasher Nora Fingscheidt. In a total of eight categories – including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director – the gripping social drama won the Lola. Congratulations not least to the producer and our last year’s guest Peter Hartwig!
Last but not least the unique Edgar Reitz (HS 7) was awarded this year’s honorary prize!
We congratulate all nominees and winners from the bottom of our hearts!