• Cracks in the shell

    (Die Unsichtbare)

    Life isn't easy for Fine. She works hard in acting school, but isn't rewarded with any promising roles and when she's at home, she has to deal with her mother and mentally handicapped sister. When she auditions for a play, she surprisingly receives the lead role. Fine, who is still a virgin, is asked to play an emotionally unstable woman who already has been raped as a young girl and now suffers from severe sex addiction. Fine is practicing for her new role, but the more she begins to grasp her role's character, the more she begins to lose herself in her acting and distances herself from reality. Every role of this movie is brilliantly cast, which is quite unlikely for German cinema. Especially Dane Stine Fischer Christensen gives an impressive portrayal of her character.

  • Christian Schwochow

    Christian Schwochow, born in former DDR in 1978, studied directing at the Academy for Film Baden Württemberg. His graduation movie was called Novemberkind (2008), which has been rewarded with various awards, among others the Max-Ophüls Audience Award and the First Step Award. He has been nominated for “Best Screenplay” at the German Movie Awards.

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