• The invisible Girl

    (Das unsichtbare Mädchen)

    Eleven years ago in a provincial German town near to the Czech boarder little Sina disappeared. A criminal act could never be proofed, neither the finding a body. Though, a mentally disabled young man got arrested and they found him guilty for this so called „Fall Sina“ without any evidence. By chance the emerging policeman Tanner is moved from Berlin to the Franconia provincial town Eisenstadt and becomes entangled in the uncertain occurrences. Tanner finds himself confronted with different opinions about the mysterious incident in town. The former chief of the „SoKo“, Joseph Altendorf, already failed on the case and his follower Michel (Ulrich Noethen) strives to keep up the formal version of the disappearance. But Tanner detects some new hints and sheds light on the dark issue. With this film Dominik Graf devises a labyrinth of occurrences. Furthermore he boosts visuality and dramaturgy to the top.

  • Dominik Graf

    This detective story may at first remember of the „Fall Peggy“, which happened 2001 in Franconia. But it does not keep in mind to retell the real facts. Dominik Graf, who was awarded the Grimme-Preis for Kommissar Süden und der Luftgitarrist, wants to think outside the box. He shows the judiciary and the milieu of prostitution in a very rare trenchant way. The film was premiered during the Hofer Filmtage 2011.

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