Sympathetic trio in the Andreasstadel

“Film festivals have taken on a completely new meaning in today’s world – it is precisely because of this that people go to the cinema again and perceive films more consciously,” said director Jan Bonny in a conversation with the audience after the film Wir wären andere Menschen.

Together with the actresses Aenne Schwarz and Silke Bodenbender he was a guest at HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT yesterday. After the screening of Wir wären andere Menschen im Andreasstadel they answered the questions of the audience. Afterwards Jupp, watt hamwer jemaht? ran in the Wintergarten, where there was also a Q&A with Bonny!

With presenter Marius Gardeia, the three film guests talked about negligible restrictions in filmmaking for public television, mutual freedoms in the cooperation with Jan Bonny, the importance of the choice of location for the creation of cinematic history and the boredom of not drinking.

We thank Jan Bonny, Aenne Schwarz and Silke Bodenbender for the natural and pleasant guest performance!

© Christoph Gabler