Manifold and contradictory forces are currently affecting us, the world and cinema itself. Transit Filmfest (formerly Heimspiel) meets this strange year 2020 with the festival edition INTERMISSION_UTOPIA!
As part of the historical film series RETRO_UTOPIA, we will be looking back on known and lesser-known visions of human coexistence, alternative and diverse lived environments, and future social forms. In terms of the program of our weekend edition CINEMA_UTOPIA, we have our eye on contemporary films that tackle the concepts of utopia and dystopia in the broadest possible sense, and research them immersively and/or informatively in all their emotional, metaphorical, philosophical and socio-political manifestations. At the panel discussion FORUM_UTOPIA we will talk with filmmakers, theorists, activists, scientists and other people about how we can fight for as fair a Transit as possible into a better future.

Nothing is set in stone, everything is in Transit!

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