The screening phase begins!

Yesterday the 70th Berlin International Film Festival started and of course the TRANSIT team is also on the scene! In the next ten days we will sleep little, screen a lot and are looking forward to seeing some colleagues, friends and former guests again. HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT guest Stefan Neuberger filmed the trailer for the new section ENCOUNTERS.

HEIMSPIEL is now called TRANSIT!

For ten wonderful years, Captain Dr. Sascha Keilholz has been kicking the ball around his Regensburg cinema ultras every November through the film culture offside the mainstream. Last year he was drawn into the Champions League at the IFFMH and HEIMSPIEL fought successfully to keep his class. Now that the last transfers to Mannheim have been completed, it’s finally time to put an end to football metaphors.
HEIMSPIEL is now called TRANSIT! You will soon find out what this transformation is all about and whether the transplantation is successful – we are completely transparent. Stay tuned!
By the way, the kick-off is in November again.

MOVIES MATTER finally available for review!

Hinweis: Externes Video von YouTube ℹ

At our last year’s panel discussion, moderator Lukas Liška spoke with speakers from the film industry and the Regensburg audience about the opportunities and limits of (queer) feminist agendas in the dispositive film.
ProQuote Film board member Barbara Teufel, NIHRFF director Andrea Kuhn, director Susanne Heinrich and film critic Jan Künemund discussed, analysed and criticised male associations, problematic identity-political representation agendas, one-dimensional concepts of success and courageous, independent and unusual perspectives beyond the European mainstream.

HEIMSPIEL says thanks and goodbye

We say goodbye for now and are already looking forward to welcoming you again next year. The whole team would like to thank our fascinating guests, all our helpers and, of course, our entire audience, who, together with us, not only filled Regensburg’s old town cinemas for seven days, but also turned the cinema pub into a place for wonderful encounters – without you, we would not have been able to celebrate the art of film. Here’s to a new one in the year 2020!

Pub atmosphere at the Ostentor cinema

Four guests, one love: the pub everyone knows.

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, the long awaited screening of Leif in Concert – Vol. 2 started at 10 pm in the Ostentorkino. After the screening, director Christian Klandt, producer Martin Lischke, and actors Monika Anna Wojtyllo and Florian Bartholomäi talked about the film together with the audience and our presenter Dominik.

In a relaxed round, the participants reflected, among other things, on the genesis and significance of the film for the crew, why leading actress Luise Heyer speaks seven languages and how commerce can influence cinematic creation.

Short film programme & lecture on Tuesday

After the interesting short film programme with The Migrating Image, not only a very special short film was shown today in an almost full conservatory, director Stefan Kruse also gave us and the audience a great insight into the research for his film The Migrating Image.

Thank you very much for the exciting analysis of the construction of social moods through the overproduction of technical images in the context of the so-called “refugee crisis” and the great film!

We would also like to thank Michael Fleig from the International Short Film Week for moderating and curating the films!

Foto: © Regina Schenk

Monday evening at Wintergarten in the Andreasstadel

Two films, two Regensburg film festivals: Today we showed Canción sin nombre and The Man Who Surprised Everyone at the cinema in the Andreasstadel. The films were each presented by our Regensburg festivals CinEScultura and QUEER-Streifen:

Canción sin nombre by director Melina León portrays the struggle of a young mother and a journalist for her child who is abducted immediately after birth. The drama, set in South American Peru, was presented by the Spanish film and culture festival cinEScultura.

Second film of the double pack was The Man Who Surprised Everyone by directors Natalya Merkulova and Aleksey Cupov. The drama about a father who stands up for himself in the face of death was presented by QUEER-Streifen.

We would like to thank CinEScultura and the QUEER-Streifen as well as all spectators for their visit!

Q&A with Stefan Sick

Today at 16:30 The inner glow of Stefan Sick was shown in the cinemas in the Andreasstadel in the winter garden. The film deals with the important topic of dementia, which our society still encounters with fear and repression.

In Q&A, director Stefan Sick discussed together with presenter Michaela and also spoke critically about the question of authenticity of his film. “The interior that the film portrays is actually exactly as it is shown in the film,” Sick remarked. What is decisive, he said, is above all the way the patient is treated and the personal attitude to the clinical picture.

Stefan Sick succeeds in presenting dementia not only as a burden but as a natural part of our lives. We are grateful for the insight into an otherwise often hidden part of society and also for the great conversation!

Q&A with Peter Hartwig

Systemsprenger – a film that really gets under your skin. Director Nora Fingscheidt has sensitively brought a subject of great socio-political relevance to the screen: nine-year-old Benni (Helena Zengel) is a child who has been severely traumatised since early childhood. A so-called “system blaster” that has since been passed from home to home, from foster family to foster family – until the next uncontrolled tantrum requires the next short-term stay in a psychiatric institution.

After the very emotional film presentation, the audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with producer Peter Hartwig together with our presenter Leonie Barta. With lively participation in the form of many questions from the film visitors, Peter Hartwig spoke in front of a packed Ostentor cinema in a revealing discussion about the sensitive topic, the importance of social professions and also their great responsibility. He showed particularly vividly that Benni is not the one who is breaking the system, but that the system cannot deal with it.

We would like to thank Peter Hartwig and our presenter Leonie!