Q&A with Peter Hartwig

Systemsprenger – a film that really gets under your skin. Director Nora Fingscheidt has sensitively brought a subject of great socio-political relevance to the screen: nine-year-old Benni (Helena Zengel) is a child who has been severely traumatised since early childhood. A so-called “system blaster” that has since been passed from home to home, from foster family to foster family – until the next uncontrolled tantrum requires the next short-term stay in a psychiatric institution.

After the very emotional film presentation, the audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with producer Peter Hartwig together with our presenter Leonie Barta. With lively participation in the form of many questions from the film visitors, Peter Hartwig spoke in front of a packed Ostentor cinema in a revealing discussion about the sensitive topic, the importance of social professions and also their great responsibility. He showed particularly vividly that Benni is not the one who is breaking the system, but that the system cannot deal with it.

We would like to thank Peter Hartwig and our presenter Leonie!

Panel discussion MOVIES MATTER

What an inspiring Sunday afternoon at HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT! In the panel discussion MOVIES MATTER, moderator Lukas Liska spoke with speakers from the film industry and the Regensburg audience about the opportunities and limits of (queer) feminist agendas in dispositive film.
ProQuote Film board member Barbara Teufel, NIHRFF director Andrea Kuhn, director Susanne Heinrich and film critic Jan Künemund discussed, analysed and criticised male associations, problematic identity-political representation agendas, one-dimensional concepts of success and courageous, independent and unusual perspectives beyond the European mainstream.
We would like to thank the Federal Association “Demokratie leben!” for the prevention of misanthropy for its support and the speakers, the moderator and the interested audience for the knowledgeable, sympathetic and differentiated discussion!

© Christoph Gabler

HEIMSPIEL IN TRANSIT enters the second half!

It’s halftime! The fourth day of HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT Festival is drawing to a close and a lot has happened since the exhilarating opening night. Exciting conversations with our guests, rousing screenings, informative discussions and our parties in the cinema pub created a festival atmosphere. After the successful start we are all the more motivated to make the second half of the festival week a great time!

© Christoph Gabler

Sympathetic trio in the Andreasstadel

“Film festivals have taken on a completely new meaning in today’s world – it is precisely because of this that people go to the cinema again and perceive films more consciously,” said director Jan Bonny in a conversation with the audience after the film Wir wären andere Menschen.

Together with the actresses Aenne Schwarz and Silke Bodenbender he was a guest at HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT yesterday. After the screening of Wir wären andere Menschen im Andreasstadel they answered the questions of the audience. Afterwards Jupp, watt hamwer jemaht? ran in the Wintergarten, where there was also a Q&A with Bonny!

With presenter Marius Gardeia, the three film guests talked about negligible restrictions in filmmaking for public television, mutual freedoms in the cooperation with Jan Bonny, the importance of the choice of location for the creation of cinematic history and the boredom of not drinking.

We thank Jan Bonny, Aenne Schwarz and Silke Bodenbender for the natural and pleasant guest performance!

© Christoph Gabler

Impressions of a day during HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT

Another day of the festival comes to an end. Exciting discussions were held, great films were viewed and impressive moments were experienced. Here we share some impressions of the day’s events, the Q&As and our guests.

© Christoph Gabler

Q&A with Stefan Neuberger

Kameramann Stefan Neuberger beim Gespräch zu Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit

The concept of home is particularly important in Bavaria. Due to the social conflicts of recent years, the interest in talking to cameraman Stefan Neuberger at the first screening in Regensburg was particularly great.

For the new documentary Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit by director Thomas Heise deals with this theme in a very unique way. In the interplay between images related to the present and personal documents related to the past, the film manages to recast the term in a new perspective.

Many thanks to Stefan Neuberger for the pleasant conversation with our presenter Lukas Liska and the detailed explanations about the development and background of the film!

Student Academy Award winner here in Regensburg!

Patrick Vollrath is currently giving a television interview for BR’s KinoKinoformat before the screening of his feature film debut 7500. After the screening in the Ostentor cinema, he will answer questions from the audience and our presenter Maciej. We look forward to lively discussions and would like to thank Patrick Vollrath for this great opportunity!

Q&A with Claus Reichel

Oray portrays a religious subculture in a sensitive, precise and true-to-life way, which usually remains invisible in Germany beyond emotional and heated discourses. After the screening the audience had the opportunity to discuss with the producer behind the film, Claus Reichel, in addition to questions from our side. Due to the topicality of the issue, the interested audience asked questions with lively participation about the difficult casting process, the reception abroad and the reaction of Muslim communities to the work.

We thank Claus Reichel and our presenter Michaela very much!

Q&A with Elisa Mishto

The second day of the festival: The opening night is over, but our festival continues in no less interesting fashion. After the screening of Stillstehen, the young director Elisa Mishto answered the questions of the audience in a Q&A. In an open and amusing way she talked about the production of her film, the cast, her favourite scenes and the strengths and weaknesses she sees in her film. She gave intimate insights into the collaboration with musicians, managers and her cast.

We thank you for the cheerful conversation and the exciting discourse!


With a convivial champagne reception, a mysterious performance by the bard Somnambuhl, a friendly greeting from the mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer and a fast-paced hunt through the Parisian suburbs, HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT has finally begun. Not only the opening film Les Misérables (to be seen again at the rerun on Tuesday) thrilled the audience, but also the following concert of the post-rockers of Containerhead created a great atmosphere. Afterwards the party continued in the cinema pub under the clarified supervision of the sound magician Mr. Mojo. A successful start and a foretaste of an intensive festival week with inspiring films and fascinating discussions. Thanks to Christoph Gabler for the pictures!

© Christoph Gabler