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Summer break – As if! We’re on the hot streak.
The team greets all Transitors and is looking forward to the cool fall with you in the theaters – fingers crossed.


Manifold and contradictory forces are currently affecting us, the world and cinema itself. Transit Filmfest (formerly Heimspiel) meets this strange year 2020 with the festival edition INTERMISSION_UTOPIA!
As part of the historical film series RETRO_UTOPIA, we will be looking back on known and lesser-known visions of human coexistence, alternative and diverse lived environments, and future social forms. In terms of the program of our weekend edition CINEMA_UTOPIA, we have our eye on contemporary films that tackle the concepts of utopia and dystopia in the broadest possible sense, and research them immersively and/or informatively in all their emotional, metaphorical, philosophical and socio-political manifestations. At the panel discussion FORUM_UTOPIA we will talk with filmmakers, theorists, activists, scientists and other people about how we can fight for as fair a Transit as possible into a better future.

Nothing is set in stone, everything is in Transit!

For more information about this year’s festival idea click here.

TRANSIT-Interview: Martin Lischke

Hinweis: Externes Video von YouTube ℹ

COVID-19 has temporarily shut down the film industry. Shootings have been interrupted, cinemas are in a struggle for survival, film starts are postponed. The latter also affects Christian Klandt’s Leif in Concert – Vol. 2.
In this TRANSIT interview, our last year’s guest, producer Martin Lischke, makes one thing clear despite all the uncertainty: The film belongs on the screen!
On demand and above all on CD and vinyl, however, the unique soundtrack of the film is now available in advance. The currently so strongly missed pub atmosphere is guaranteed!
Until Leif in Concert – Vol. 2 finally runs in the cinema, listen to Spotify, buy the record and support the team! --> EDIT: In theaters from July 16!

Familiar faces at the German Film Awards 2020

SYSTEMSPRENGER producer Peter Hartwig in Q&A with Leonie Barta at HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT

On April 24th the 70th presentation of the German Film Awards took place. Edin Hasanovic led wonderfully through a grandly staged live show, which is unparalleled in these times.
Many well-known HEIMSPIEL faces were to be seen: Among the laudators were our former guests Iris Berben (HS 10) and Academy President Ulrich Matthes (HS 6).
Nominated, but unfortunately came away empty-handed were the documentaries Schlingensief: A Voice That Shook the Silence by Bettina Böhler (HS 8), Undine by Christian Petzold (HS 1, 4 and 10) with Franz Rogowski (HS 6 and 7) and the HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT films Heimat is a Space in Time, filmed by Stefan Neuberger (HiT) and Pelican Blood (HiT).
The absolute winner of the evening was HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT-Film System Crasher Nora Fingscheidt. In a total of eight categories – including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director – the gripping social drama won the Lola. Congratulations not least to the producer and our last year’s guest Peter Hartwig!
Last but not least the unique Edgar Reitz (HS 7) was awarded this year’s honorary prize!
We congratulate all nominees and winners from the bottom of our hearts!

The screening phase begins!

Yesterday the 70th Berlin International Film Festival started and of course the TRANSIT team is also on the scene! In the next ten days we will sleep little, screen a lot and are looking forward to seeing some colleagues, friends and former guests again. HEIMSPIEL IM TRANSIT guest Stefan Neuberger filmed the trailer for the new section ENCOUNTERS.

HEIMSPIEL is now called TRANSIT!

For ten wonderful years, Captain Dr. Sascha Keilholz has been kicking the ball around his Regensburg cinema ultras every November through the film culture offside the mainstream. Last year he was drawn into the Champions League at the IFFMH and HEIMSPIEL fought successfully to keep his class. Now that the last transfers to Mannheim have been completed, it’s finally time to put an end to football metaphors.
HEIMSPIEL is now called TRANSIT! You will soon find out what this transformation is all about and whether the transplantation is successful – we are completely transparent. Stay tuned!
By the way, the kick-off is in November again.

MOVIES MATTER finally available for review!

Hinweis: Externes Video von YouTube ℹ

At our last year’s panel discussion, moderator Lukas Liška spoke with speakers from the film industry and the Regensburg audience about the opportunities and limits of (queer) feminist agendas in the dispositive film.
ProQuote Film board member Barbara Teufel, NIHRFF director Andrea Kuhn, director Susanne Heinrich and film critic Jan Künemund discussed, analysed and criticised male associations, problematic identity-political representation agendas, one-dimensional concepts of success and courageous, independent and unusual perspectives beyond the European mainstream.

HEIMSPIEL says thanks and goodbye

We say goodbye for now and are already looking forward to welcoming you again next year. The whole team would like to thank our fascinating guests, all our helpers and, of course, our entire audience, who, together with us, not only filled Regensburg’s old town cinemas for seven days, but also turned the cinema pub into a place for wonderful encounters – without you, we would not have been able to celebrate the art of film. Here’s to a new one in the year 2020!