Transit Film Festival Regensburg

A volunteer team of students of media studies and film-enthusiastic members of Hör und Schau e. V. presents a best-of of the German and international cinema year beyond the usual programme. The content focus is on innovative, authoritative and controversial productions, while the festival itself remains formally open. As a paradigm for transformation and change, “Transit” can be understood as an opportunity to rethink old truths, open up new perspectives and readjust the choice of categories. The cinema becomes a means of transport: after the film, ideally a person who is a little different from the one who sat in it will get out of the cinema chair. These are not superficially political films, but rather those that enter new territory in terms of aesthetics, content or narrative and venture onto paths beyond established mainstream cinema success recipes.


Chrissy Grundl, Marius Gardeia, Lukas Liška, Bastian Zieglgruber, Sonja Hämmerle, Michaela Mederer, Leonie Barta

PR, Marketing, Social Media:
Bianca Schweighofer, Marius Gardeia

Leonie Barta